Shepperd and Palmer

Compiled by Valma Dorrell Fischer

History of the Shepperd Family

From Scotland to England to Massachusetts to Virginia to North Carolina to Texas

With Ancestors and Descendants of Martin Parmer

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Shepperd and Palmer Was compiled by Valma Dorrell Fischer


   This compilation of charts, facts, and stories presents an account of the illustrious Shepperd and Palmer families from their English beginnings, through their roles as pioneers in America, to the present day descendants as far as it has been possible for me to research to this time. Several years have been spent researching, documenting, and collecting the information in this volume. It is by no means complete; however, in the interest of making sure that what is known is passed on to family members, I am making this book available at this time. I sincerely hope that others will continue to study the Shepperd and Palmer lines.

   Due to personal interest and for the sake of orgnaization I have concentrated the story on the ancestry and lines of my grandmohter, Emma Lou Shepperd Dorrell. It will be simple for others to adapt the charts, relationships, and stories to their own family lines.

   There are errors, I am sure, derived from quoting others or from trying to interpret what others have set down. I have attempted where possible to spell names as they have been spelled in wills or in other legal documents. Seldom have I relied on census spellings. Effort has been made to be as accurate as possible. Each family may correct errors, make additions, and use this book as a clue to further study of its own particular interests.

   I gratefully acknowledge the responses from all who kindly answered my letters to give me bits and pieces of information. I offer special appreciation to Willie Costilow, Hunstvile, Texas, Cindy Dorrrell Rohe, Hunstville , Texas and Daniel A Hill, El Torro , California. All three contributed material and inspiration.

   Lastly, I dedicate my work on this family volume to the memory of my father, Virgil B. Dorrell, son of Emma Lou Shepperd Dorerell. He loved his mother so dearly and would have cherished this book.

   Valma Dorrell Fischer

   August, 1985

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   Shepperd and Palmer is a great reference source for those who trace their family lines back to the Shepperd and Palmer families in East Texas, especially in Walker County, Montgomery County and San Jacinto County area. This is scan is of a photocopy that Kameron Searle received from Shepperd/Palmer cousin, Daniel Hill. To make the scan easier to read on a computer screen, some pages were rotated after they were scanned. This has made it much easier to read the genealogical charts and some of the other information.