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Montgomery County Clerk's Office, Montgomery County Commissioners Court Minutes, March 1, 1838

Page 1, March 1, 1838

Republic of Texas

County of Montgomery

       At a Commissioners Court held for the County of Montgomery at the place appointed by law for holding the same, Being present Jesse Grimes president of the board of Commissioners, Martin P. Clark, George Galbraith, William Robert, and Hilloy M. Crabb commissioners of the Said County, on the first day of March 1838 - when they proceeded to ballot for two associate Justices of the County Court on the first there being a tie and no election it was agreed to defer the election until the last Wednesday of April next - - - -

       The president placed before the board the written act of donation of W. W. Shepperd to the County of Montgomery of an equal half undivided interest in the Town of Montgomery and Sixty acres of pine land adjoining - donated for County purposes and being put to question whether said donation should be accepted it was unanimously received - and the question being also whether the place of the Town presented by C. B. Stewart as agent for W. W. Shepperd should be received the same was also unanimously received and adopted  Zoraster Robinson a duly elected - Justice of the peace for the precinct of Viesca appeared and having taken and the signed the oath required by law, took his seat among the Commissioners