Help Wanted - Major John Wyatt Moody

   I am currently writing a book about the early history of Montgomery County, Texas.  In 1837, John Wyatt Moody (J. W. Moody) helped found the Town of Montgomery, Texas. 

Montgomery, Texas Advertisement July 8, 1837

July 8, 1837 Editon of the Telegraph and Texas Register newspaper

   J. W. Moody had been the bookkeeper of the Texas Revolution from 1835-1836.  At the time the Town of Montgomery was founded, Moody was serving as the the First Auditor of the Republic of Texas.

   I am trying to find out where J. W. Moody got the military rank of Major.  In all correspondence with Moody, Republic of Texas President Sam Houston always addressed him as Major Moody.  Others also addressed him as Major Moody.  However, I can find no military service by John Wyatt Moody in Texas.  I find him as the auditor at the Convention at Washington (on-the-Brazos) and then on March 16, 1836, the Convention adopted a resolution authorizing Moody "to raise a guard of at least four men and press horses, wagons and provisions to move poor families who are on the Colorado exposed to the ravages of the enemy."

   Was John Wyatt Moody's rank of Major acquired from service in the United States army before coming to Texas?  If you know where J. W. Moody got his rank of Major, please contact me with the information.  Thank you.

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