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   For those around the world who love Texas and Texas history, the Texas History Page on the Internet is an encyclopedia of Texas History and a lot more.   The new Texas History Page on the Internet is an alternative to other Texas History sites. The basic idea behind the new Texas History Page is to take an online history book about Texas and Texans in as many directions as possible with the addition of photographs, scans of actual primary documents, bibliographical sources, genealogical information, book reviews, whole books now in the public domain, transcriptions of famous documents, current information about historical groups and societies and the latest discoveries about Texas History.

   Other Texas History sites are cookie cutters of each other and some are stale in their approach to Texas History.  We will be making every effort to avoid these pitfalls.

   Many people are not satisfied with many of the historical articles and inaccuracies found on other sites about Texas on the Internet. But they have no way of correcting errors or having their histories published. The Texas History Page on the Internet will provide a place for them to write their own histories with what they have discovered or know from other sources. On other Texas history sites, only one article by one author is accepted on a given subject. The Texas History Page will allow more than one article on a given subject in Texas history by more than one author. Perfect for professors of history who want to publish a particular article, university students who want to publish their Texas history thesis for the world to read or the family historian who wants to write a family history about a particular ancestor or family who lived in early Texas or later.

Let me hear your suggestions for the Texas History Page Blog and the Texas History Page on the Internet.

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   The Texas History Page is accepting history articles now about:

  • Your Republic of Texas Ancestor
  • Texas Heroes
  • The Alamo
  • Battle of San Jacinto
  • Goliad Massacre
  • Mier Expedition
  • Your Texas Home Town's History
  • Your Texas Home County's History
  • Montgomery County, Texas

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Read and/or print a free copy of Kameron Searle's 56 page book The Early History of Montgomery, Texas - First Edition  by clicking the image above OR go to the Contact Page to purchase a copy of the softbound 2nd Printing. It is an essential tool for students and historians studying the early history of Montgomery County and for genealogists researching family and ancestors who lived in the Lake Creek Settlement prior to the founding of the Town of Montgomery, Texas in 1837. Hundreds of copies of the free PDF have been downloaded already. Get your free copy today.

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