Texas History Page Links Page

  • The Texas Heritage Society, Inc. is an organization whose main goals are to discover, understand and preserve Texas history. The organization has the long range goal of expanding into all areas of Texas historical study and research.
  • For those who love Texas and Texas history. Information about Texas history events, books, activities, discoveries, etc.
  • The history and genealogy of Montgomery County, Texas. Coordinators for this site are Jane Sanford-Hogan Keppler and Jean Huot Smoorenburg.
  • Official web site of Lone Star Chapter #58 of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. Very active in preserving the history of Montgomery County, Texas.
  • Official web site of San Jacinto Chapter #1 Sons of the Republic of Texas located in Houston, Texas.
  • Information and links related to the history of City of Montgomery, Texas and the surrounding area.
  • Information about the Old Danville Cemetery on Shepard Hill Road near Willis, Texas in Montgomery County by Karen Lucas Lawless.
  • The latest archeological and primary source research regarding the townsite of Old Danville, Texas by Karen "Candy" Lucas.
  • This tool shows you exactly what the boundaries of a given county looked like in a given year. This is a very cool tool for understanding the formation of all the Texas counties. If you are doing historical or genealogical research involving Texas counties, you know how confusing the ever changing boundaries can be. This tool makes it much clearer and easier to understand.