Albert Sidney Johnston

Sons of Confederate Veterans SCV

Camp No. 67 Newsletter

Albert Sidney Johnston

General Albert Sidney Johnston, C.S.A.

Below is a list of newsletters from Albert Sidney Johnston Camp No. 67 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).

  • October 2009 - Patricia Ricci "Confederate Memorial Hall: The Battle Abbey of the South"
  • November 2009 - S. Waite Rawls III "The Museum of the Confederacy - Richmond"
  • December 2009 - Annual Candlelight Memorial Service
  • January 2010 - James Bevill "The Paper Republic"
  • February 2010 - Ed Cotham "The Failure of Federal Naval Strategy in Texas"
  • March 2010 - Charles Duke "Confederate Boatworks and Naval Property on Galveston Bay"
  • April 2010 - Dale Roberts "Finding and Raising the CSS Hunley"
  • May 2010 - Mark Vogl "The Life and Times of Lt. Dick Dowling, CSA"